Above all, Exo Human is a Creator…a visionary…an extraordinary experimenter…multi-facetted with manifold talents: theater, song, writing, poetry, percussion, research on the absolute - his banner - and of course the Art of Combat.

He stages Actors and Actresses in a “Breathy” play filled with rhythmical and a-rhythmical improvisations. This aerial orchestration with Exo Human as band leader, set designer and director, never unfolds the same way twice. The inventiveness is permanent. Most routine concepts are inverted for maximum efficiency. The fluid movements generally stem from exhale waves.

All that is “cardio” is intentionally excluded - left aside… in order to focus on the heart? No. Too old, too used, too mortal, as he likes to say… but to focus on other, non-oxidizing hearts which he grafts into the chests of these Actors and Actresses by experimental work with baffling effects, by activating the 5 lungs (a personal alchemical vision!)

Beyond oxygenation, oxygen becoming rarer and rarer on the planet, it’s true weightlessness of bodies that is sought. Exo Human is simply an ER rescuer treating Fear, Anguish, and the assassin  excess Emotivity—Queen of all pathologies, of all trauma…and especially of all private Deaths that we transmit, sow all around us and which paces circles in our own internment camps.