O my dear Notre-Dame, I have enlightened you with Love … have warmed you … given my Breath, me Exo Human !!!… and Quasimodo screamed his joy at my side!

You asked me this Grace… to sing and to play for those “from below” … I did it with an intense Allégresse.

They danced the farandole, vociferated on this cold night of December 31, 1997… for this new and already old and cruel. Nothing has changed since, in the world of humans, dear Notre Dame. A few more Children who suffocate across the Planet… a little more comfortable misery… corpses abandoned, here and there, in the Enlightenment.

What more can you say on this tragic night of April 15, 2019 ?

incendie notre-dame

The Star Vault is mourning this incendiary offense that it did not deserve. An Ultimate Breath of mine for you, MY dear Notre-Dame … Flamboyant … as well as your companion from the heights, Quasimodo the Blessed, who loved you so much, embraced … to the chagrin of Esmeralda!  

Who told me?… Victor Hugo of course, in his Inflamed Loves.

(Video portrait of Exo Human by Yann Minh)

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